AreYou Properly Maintaining Your QuickBooks file?

Over this past decade, more and more QuickBooks Files become corrupted.


Why is your QuickBooks File corrupted?

There are too many possible reasons that can actually cause QuickBooks Errors and File issues but below are a few, as well as ways in which you can help revent damage to your file.


Performing regular manned backup files. I am not talking about havig your server backup or your IT Company backing up the server. What I mean is to log into your file in Single User mode and doing a Complete Verification.


Negative Inventory in QuickBooks over time will be a way you will be assured corruptions. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you will have an option to never let your file go negative. Typically, inventory shouldn't go negative. Usually it happens because your procedures within the file are likely changing an item receipt date after the inventory was received, or simply not having a good practice of selling and receiving.


Improper network setup can cause a partially captured transaction to post should the file be dropped offline at the moment a transaction is being saved. If at all possible, I recommend having all QuickBooks users log into a server directly using Remote Destkop or hosting your file through a hosting platform. We are a hosting company and would be happy to share any informaion you need. Please call our sales team.


Large files are another reason to have corruptions. Although there isn't a one size fits all scenerio for how big a file can get, but we recommend 150-350 MB for a QuickBooks Premier or Pro file and 1-1.5 Gig file for QuickBooks Enterprse. We perform a service that (with using proprietary software and not the condense feature), we rermove historical data so that you can continue working in your file that has been customized by you. Visit our Data Services page for more details.


Here is a webinar going over the proper maintenance of your QuickBooks file.


Need More Information?

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